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A Hands-Free Weather Protector

Personal weather protection revolutionized!

Canope is a backpack style worn Hands-Free umbrella & weather protector providing both Rain & Sun protection all in one.

Canope frees you up whether you are on the job or just doing everyday recreational activities.

There’s never been a bigger need to be hands-free.

We now live in a technology driven society where we are completely dependent upon; smart phones, tablets, cameras both recreationally and while working.

A Simple Choice


Sun Protection. Reimagined.

Canope is the 'ultimate' new sun protector.

Extended Sun exposure can be very dangerous especially while working. Holding an umbrella is not an option and a hat provides very limited protection if any at all.

Our lightweight canopy provides "Shade All Day".

SPF 40 canopy blocks/absorbs 90% of the sun’s rays.

Inner silver lining keeping the user 20 degrees cooler.

First line of defense against skin cancer and other heat related illnesses.


Lightweight & durable (weighs only 3lbs.)

Waterproof rip-stop nylon fabric​​

Aerodynamic wind-resistant lock in place canopy (impossible to invert)​​ Can withstand up to 40 mph winds

26” wide –Designed to fit through door –one size fits all​​

Retractable canopy (push side buttons) stores down users back. Eliminating the need to carry –just keep wearing.​​

  • Lightweight & durable (weighs only 3lbs.)
  • Waterproof ripstop nylon fabric​​
  • Aerodynamic wind-resistant canopy – cannot invert.​​
  • 26” wide (designed to fit through any door)​​
  • Retractable canopy stores down users back. Eliminating the need to carry it.​​
  • One size fits all​​

RecreationAl Usages

  • Walking the dog
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Marathons
  • Home improvement
  • Photography
  • Theme Parks
  • Sporting Events
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Commercial Usages

  • Drive thru operations
  • Photography / TV Camera
  • Agriculture / Landscaping
  • Sporting event personnel
  • Delivery / Postal workers
  • Utility / Linemen
  • Construction
  • City & Municipality workers
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Our Customers
Over 10,000 reviews

Rick – Amazon Prime Delivery Reg. Mgr.

As promised Alan here is a picture of one of delivery workers using Nubrella in NYC. We love the way it fits through a door so we don’t have to take it off. We use them for rain and sun protection.

Mark Senior VP of Dutch Bros Coffee

Alan, it was great speaking with you. We now have over 60 Nubrellas and we love them. It rains a lot out here in the Northwest, so we use them constantly.

Chris an avid fisherman in Wisconsin

when I received my Nubrella I was amazed how lightweight it was. I hear it weighs only 3lbs. When I put it on I didn’t even know I was wearing anything. I was also supper impressed with the quality. It seems very strong and durable. I would highly recommend Nubrella to anyone…

Beth in Portland

I am a professional photographer. Nubrella not only keeps me dry and cool but also protects my expensive camera. What a great invention! Best of luck..

Jennifer in Michigan

I thought I would show you a picture of me walking Misty before I got my Nubrella. Nubrella has made my dog walks even in the rain enjoyable… Love it!

Joel – Multiple Chick-Fil-A Franchisee owner

Hi Alan, we heard amazing things about Nubrella on our Chick-Fil-A Franchisee page. Our employees are really excited to use them.