Wearable Hands-Free Weather Protector


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Have you ever wanted a hands free umbrella? Canope (formally Nubrella) frees you up whether working or just doing your favorite recreational activities. Our patented lightweight durable non-invertible canopy is conveniently worn backpack style. When not needed, simply press the side buttons and the canopy collapses down your back like a hood eliminating the need to carry anything.

Our lightweight Canopy provides “Shade All Day”.

✔️SPF 40 canopy blocks/absorbs 90% of the sun’s rays.
✔️Inner silver lining keeping the user 20 degrees cooler.
✔️First line of defense against skin cancer and other heat related illnesses.

– Ripstop nylon fabric canopy with built-in 40 SPF
– Inner silver lining absorbs 90 % of the suns dangerous rays
– Total weight: 2.5lbs.
– One size with adjustable straps to fit all.
– Width 26” fits through standard door
– Removable waist strap