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Get hands free weather protection for your favorite activities with Canope, the worlds first & best quality wearable weather protector. A hands Free Umbrella for Sun & Rain.

✔️  Hands Free Weather Protection (Sun & Rain)
✔️  High Quality Durable Materials
✔️  Easy To Open & Close
✔️  Lightweight (2.5lbs)

& 100% Guarantee with a 30-day return policy

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Have you ever wanted a hands free umbrella? Canope (formally Nubrella) frees you up whether working or just doing your favorite recreational activities. Our patented lightweight durable non-invertible canopy is conveniently worn backpack style. When not needed, simply press the side buttons and the canopy collapses down your back like a hood eliminating the need to carry anything.

Our lightweight Canopy provides “Shade All Day”.

✔️SPF 40 canopy blocks/absorbs 90% of the sun’s rays.
✔️Inner silver lining keeping the user 20 degrees cooler.
✔️First line of defense against skin cancer and other heat related illnesses.

– Ripstop nylon fabric canopy with built-in 40 SPF
– Inner silver lining absorbs 90 % of the suns dangerous rays
– Total weight: 2.5lbs.
– One size with adjustable straps to fit all.
– Width 26” fits through standard door
– Removable waist strap

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Frequently Asked Questions

Canope weighs a mere 2.5 lbs. you don’t even know you are wearing it.
Since Canope is worn backpack style it’s unlikely you can wear two backpack straps at the same time but you are free to try.  For this reason we designed our own backpack that attaches and detaches as need led in the rear. It is a fully functional backpack on its own with straps.
Absolutely not. Canope is designed so wind flows over through and around. It is the only non invertible umbrella on the market. It would take a tornado to lift you.
Canope does not interfere with any strait or side  vision it turns when you turn.
You can but Canope offers a much superior solution for the following reasons. Nothing touches your head unlike a hat which makes you hotter because air releases from our heads. A hat does not provide any SPF protection. Canope has a 40 SPF built in with an additional inner silver lining that absorbs any of the suns rays that get through the fabric. Canope provides much more protection covering your entire face, head, neck and shoulders that would otherwise be exposed to the suns rays resulting in sun burn and even skin cancer. When not needed you simply press the side buttons and Canope collapses down your back like a hood eliminating the need to put it on and off like a hat.
Canope is specifically designed to be 26 inches wide so it can’t fit through any standard door so you do have to take it in and off.
30 days for any defective unit. We have received 2 in the last 5k units sold.
Black is the best color to absorb the suns dangerous rays. We do plan on having additional colors in the near future. 



5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Based on over 10k Reviews

“Finally, I can ride my bike in the rain and not get soaked. This has changed my life commuting everyday in the rain. Thanks Nubrella.”

-John, Wisconsin
“As you can see I love my Nubrella for both rain and sun. I work at a drive thru all day in Texas and it gets so hot. The Nubrella keeps me so much cooler and NO sun burn!!! Yea.”-Mike, Dallas
“Dear Alan, I thought I would send you a picture of me loving hands free so I can use and protect my phone. Yea, the officer was quite jealous and asked where I got it. Hope you’re selling tons. I tell everyone I love it.”-Erin, South Carolina
“My company bought these for us for so we could be protected in the rain and sun yet still have our hands free to collect the carts. Certainly makes my job much better. Thank you Nubrella.”-Jane, Orlando
“Alan, thanks for sending us some Nubrella’s. We love these and will be testing them for our employees bringing groceries out to customers cars.. i was really surprised how lightweight and comfortable it is. It’s much better than I expected.”-Dan VP Walmart, Arkansas
“Nubrella has been a godsend. I can walk my two best friends and not only get full sun protection but as you can see I have my hands free to talk on the phone. This is amazing. I hope you sell millions. I’m a fan.”-Deborah, Florida
“Hey Alan, my dedicated employees are absolutely loving your Nubrella. It is so hot here in Texas and they love being in the Shade. I can keep people outdoors longer so it helps with our productivity. I think we have 80 now”-Bills Barbecue, TX
“We use them for rain and sun protection as well as covering our tablets.”-Steve Chick-fil-A, GA
“Thought I would send in a picture of me doing a house inspection. It was a hot sunny day. I love how lights it is I do t even k ow I am Warri g it. It also blocks the suns glare on my tablet. Great Invention!!!”-Rob, Arizona
“Alan, this is the best product I have ever owned. As you can see I am working at a COVID-19 testing drive thru. It has made my job so much better I can’t imagine living without it. I even used it in the snow the other day.. Thanks so much for making Nubrella.”-Bob, Indiana
“My team is loving Canope. To be covered in the rain and still have their hands free to use out tablets is amazing. We use to try to juggle holding an umbrella but it simply didn’t work. Team dry. Tablets dry.
We now have 20 Canopes. Excellent product and excellent customer service. I would recommend to anyone. Thanks for creating.” -Dale, Missouri 
“Hi Alan, I thought I would send you a photo of our dedicated employees working the front lines of the COVID-19 testing and vaccination site. We used them all weekend at the Charlotte Speedway. Our Vice President loved it so much he took it home so no one would take it. Great product.”-Christine Aetna Health




Currently on sale for only $89.99 , Buy Now!