Alan Kaufman, Founder & CEO of Canope, according to Google:
Alan Kaufman is the inventor of the “Hands-Free umbrella”.

It all started one rainy day in New York City.

Alan was sitting in a café and began to take notice of people struggling with their umbrellas. Many were performing juggling acts while trying to use their tech devices. He also noticed outdoor workers were left completely exposed to the elements barely protected by a raincoat or sun hat.

He thought of all the people and workers exposed to the sun, which sparked an idea. He sketched it – and Canope was born! From there, Alan worked with several leading product design and engineering firms to bring his vision to life. The solution; a wearable Hands-Free weather protector for all and for all weather conditions.

Today, Canope boasts thousands of consumer and commercial customers in over 70 countries. Based in Boca Raton Florida, Alan leads a dynamic team on a mission to create a paradigm shift in the umbrella/personal weather protection industry.

Alan states; “ Canope is a new line-item people are adding to their current arsenal of weather protection gear and apparel. We strive to become a staple of society just like the umbrella is today.”

We invite you to enjoy the outdoors and “Go Hands-Free”!

The world's first patented hands-free, wind-resistant umbrella!